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I am more than satisfied with that.

I have two of them mounted on my RV. They fit into the trusses as if they were produced for them. Within a few hours of sunshine my two 100AH batteries are charged. What more do you want?! I run you in series with an MPPT Tracer solar controller.

Martinheinze75, Customer
The panel is clean and delivers the desired “clean” power!

I have already bought the second, one has been working on the caravan for two years, the other now on the garage, charging three car batteries, and lighting the garage with LED lights.

At the bottom (inside) are openings that can be used for assembly or, in my case, theft insurance.

I hope for long efficiency & durability, but as I said, the first one has been doing its job for two years, with no noticeable restrictions ..

Jürgen Oberleithner, Customer
As a dealer, we have ordered 4 modules and completed these in-depth tests, in terms of performance, processing and the heat development of each cell. The solar modules correspond to the power specifications. Especially we liked the stable frame with the plastic corners. The uniform temperature development in the individual cells of the module battery are convincing, the price-performance ratio is very good in comparison.
Voltsonne, Customer
Ordered Friday, delivered Tuesday = Topp !!

Solar module is very well made! The lamination terminates flush with the edge. So without laminated air bubbles, or inclusions.
The Aluramen is clean, and grade free, and has mounting holes contrary to the charts in the ad!

The electrical services, agree with the information as far as possible, yes they even exceeded it, by a whopping 5% !!

All in all, what more do you want?

Great product!

J.B.S., Customer
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