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Epever® MPPT Charge Controller TRIRON Display Basic1 (DB1)


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  • LED Indicators: PV & battery working status
  • Button: When the working mode is Manual Control, the load is ON/OFF via the button.


#### Charging and battery LED indicator

Indicator Color Status Information





On Solid

PV connection normal ,but low voltage(low irradiance)

from PV, no charging

Green OFF No PV voltage(night time) or

PV connection problem

Green Slowly Flashing(1Hz) In charging
Green Fast Flashing(4Hz) PV Over voltage


Green On Solid Normal
Green Slowly Flashing(1Hz) Full
Green Fast Flashing(4Hz) Over voltage
Orange On Solid Under voltage
Red On Solid Over discharged
Red Slowly Flashing(1Hz) Battery Overheating Low temperature①
All LED indicators fast flashing at the same time System voltage error②
Controller Overheating

①When a lead-acid battery is used, the controller hasn’t the low temperature protection.

②When a lithium-ion battery is used, the system voltage can’t be identified automatically.


#### Battery Capacity Level Indicator

Indicator Color Status Information
☆○○○ Green 25% Indicator slowly flashing 0%to <25%
● ☆○○  


50% Indicator slowly flashing 25% Indicator on solid  

25%to <50%



75% Indicator slowly flashing 25%,50% Indicators on solid  

50%to <75%



100% Indicator slowly flashing

25%,50%,75% Indicators on solid


75% to 100%



25%,50%,75%,100%Indicators on solid  


##### Battery Capacity Level (BCL)

“○” Indicator is OFF; “●”Indicator is on Solid;“☆” Indicator is slowly flashing.

##### Load status

Battery Capacity Level

Green on solid The load is ON
Green OFF The load is OFF


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