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Epever® MPPT Solar Charge Controller 8415AN 80A 12V/24V/36V/48VDC


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Product features

• Multi-functional LCD display with backlight
• advanced MPPT technology with a tracking efficiency of at least 99.5% and a maximum efficiency of 98%
• “ultra-fast” recording speed
• precise detection of maximum power points (MPP) with multiple peaks
• RS485 interface with MODBUS industry standards
• negative ground via (-) – pole
• fully programmable functions via PC software
• automatic system voltage detection 12/24/36/48 V
• Battery deep discharge protection, overcharge protection, overvoltage protection
• Full load operation without power loss in the working environment temperature range
• temperature-dependent charge parameter correction (only for lead-acid battery)
• battery types adjustable (open acid, AGM, gel, user)
• Solar input Module open circuit voltage up to 150 V open circuit voltage
• Real-time energy statistics function
• comprehensive electronic protection
• wide MPP operating voltage range
• overheating reduction function
• Monitoring and setting of parameters via the mobile phone APP or PC software possible

Technical specifications
Manufacturer model Tracer8415AN
Article number 2108415
Rated voltage 12/24/36 / 48VDC car
Rated charging current 80A
Discharge current 80A
Max. PV open circuit voltage 150V
MPP voltage range (Battery voltage + 2) ~ 108V
Max. PV input power 1000W / 12V, 2000W / 24V, 3000W / 36V, 4000W / 48V
Own electricity consumption 98mA / 12V, 60mA / 24V, 50mA / 36V, 46mA / 48V
Temperature compensation coefficient -3mV / ° C / 2V (default)
RS485 interface RS485 (RJ45)
Temperature range -25 ° C to + 45 ° C
Degree of protection IP20
Dimensions 394 * 240 * 134mm
Weight 6.1Kg
Weight 6.1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 20 cm

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