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EPEVER® UPOWER Hybrid-Inverter Serie 24VDC into 230AC


  • New type of all-digital intelligent energy storage and management Inverter/charger
  • Advanced all-digital control technology for AC-DC charging modules
  • MPPT technology, Max. tracking efficiency 99.5 %, Max. DC-DC conversion efficiency 98.5 %
  • SPWM technology, with high efficiency up to 95 %
  • With the function of Utility & Solar charging ratio selection, and total charging current setting
  • Battery Type: AGM, GEL, FLD, USER (do not support Lithium battery)
  • Four charging mode and two output mode
  • RS485 isolated communication interface with standard Modbus protocol

UPower inverter /charger combines with solar & utility charging and AC output in one unit, which adopts a multi-core processor design and advanced MPPT control algorithm to realize intelligent management. The device is usally used in remote area where is lack of reliable utility but rich of sunlight. It can be the supplement for the daily electricity consumption, which is also to save energy and your money.

Special Features

  • Advanced MPPT technology to achieve multiple wave crest maximum power point tracking and high tracking & conversion efficiency, Max. tracking efficiency 99.5 %, Max. DC-DC conversion efficiency 98.5 %
  • The advanced all-digital control is adopted for AC-DC charging modules that realized wide voltage input
  • Adoption of the advanced SPWM technology, true pure sine wave output, with high efficiency up to 95 %① and full load efficiency of 93 % max①
  • High output voltage stability: when full load working in the working voltage range of battery, output voltage 220V/230V±5%②, frequency 50/60±0.1 Hz; voltage& frequency optional
  • Four charging mode: Utility priority, Solar priority, Utility & Solar and Solar only
  • Two output mode: Battery and Utility
  • Support cold start and soft start
  • RS485 isolated communication interface with 5V 200mA output, it is easy to access communication devices such as Wifi module
  • PC or mobile phone APP can be used for remote monitoring,
  • Optional back light and buzzer warning selection via PC software
  • With PV reverse polarity, Charging power limit, short circuit, battery reverse polarity protections
  • With Utility input/AC output over voltage, battery low voltage, power limit, over current and short circuit protections
  • With battery low/over voltage protection and temperature compensation etc
  • With internal over-temperature protection, and intelligent start-stop function of the fan
  • Variety of accessories can be selected according to user’s requirements

①UP1500 and above models: testing result under 25℃ environment temperature, rated input voltage, and resistive load
②In battery discharging mode Output tolerance is 220V ±5% or 230V -10%~+5% for 24V and 48V input; and 220V -6%~+5% or 230V -10%~+5% with 12V battery input.

Technical Specifications

Article nummber3222100032221500332220003322300063223000
EAN Code42605585724804260558572480426055857248042605585724804260558573142
Nominal battery voltage24VDC24VDC24VDC24VDC24VDC
Battery input voltage range21,6-32VDC21,6-32VDC21,6-32VDC21,6-32VDC21,6-32VDC
Continuous output power800W1200W1600W2400W2400W
Output Power(15min)1000W1500W2000W3000W3000W
Overload power (5s)1600W2400W3200W4800W4800W
Max. surge power2000W3000W4000W6000W6000W
Output voltage range220VAC±5%,
Output frequency50/60±0.1Hz50/60±0.1Hz50/60±0.1Hz50/60±0.1Hz50/60±0.1Hz
Output wavePure Sine WavePure Sine WavePure Sine WavePure Sine WavePure Sine Wave
Transfer time20ms20ms20ms20ms
Utility input voltage range160VAC~280VAC160VAC~280VAC160VAC~280VAC160VAC~280VAC160VAC~280VAC
Max. Utility charge current20A20A30A30A30A
Max.PV input Power/Max.PV open circuit voltage780w/100v780w/100v780w/100v780w/100v1500W/150V
Max.PV charging current30A30A30A30A60A
Equalization voltage29,2V29,2V29,2V29,2V29,2V
Float voltage27,6V27,6V27,6V27,6V27,6V
Temperature compensate coefficient-3V/°c/2V (Default)-3V/°c/2V (Default)-3V/°c/2V (Default)-3V/°c/2V (Default)-3V/°c/2V (Default)
Working environment temperature-20°c-50°c ③-20°c-50°c ③-20°c-50°c ③-20°c-50°c ③-20°c-50°c ③
Dimension(cm)38,6 * 30 * 12,638,6 * 30 * 12,644,4 * 30 * 12,644,4 * 30 * 12,651,8 * 31 * 16,8

③ Full input and output with no derating


UP1000-M3222, UP1500-M3222, UP2000-M3322, UP3000-M3322, UP3000-M6322

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