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150W Solar Set-L with Monocrystallin Solarpanel and PWM charge controller (VS3024AU)



  • 1x solar module monocrystalline 150W (12V system)
  • 1x charge controller PWM VS3024AU (12 to 24 Volt)
  • 4mm², 10m enjoysolar® profi solar cable

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Special features (solar module)

  • Absolute highlight: High-quality 5-Buschable solar cells
  • 90cm long 4mm² solar cable with MC4 plug connected
  • Two integrated bypass diode – minimized power loss during shading
  • TÜV certified
  • Surface made of tempered toughened solar glass with weatherproof coating
  • Unique frame in anodized aluminum
  • Performance guarantee up to 10 years with 90% and up to 25 years with 80%

Technical data (solar module)

Manufacturer modelEco Line ES150M36
EAN Code4260558570134
Article number1100150
Max. Power (Pm)150W *
Max. Voltage (Vmp)18.5V
Max. Current (Imp)8,12A
Open circuit voltage (Voc)22.8V
Short circuit current (Isc)8,77A
Operating temperature-45 ° C ~ + 85 ° C
Cells36 * Monocrystalline
Max. Mains voltage1000VDC
Tolerance+ 3%
Dimension1460 * 664 * 35mm
  • Values according to STC conditions (E = 1000 W / sq.m, Tc = 25 ° C, AM = 1.5)

Product characteristics (charge controller)

  • Intelligent 3-level PWM charge detection: Bulk, Boost / Equalize, Float
  • 3 supported battery options: Sealed, Gel, and Flooded
  • LCD display
  • Several load control types
  • Battery temperature compensation
  • Extensive electronic protection devices
  • Keeps the battery fully charged
  • Usable for acid, AGM, gel
  • Polarity reversal protection for battery and solar panel
  • External battery temperature sensor can be connected
  • Prevents damage to the battery
  • Automatic shutdown if the charging current exceeds the capacity of the regulator
  • Timer function option for night lighting
  • LCD display
  • PWM modulation
  • 2 USB ports

Technical data (charge controller)

Product seriesVS3024AU
EAN Code4260558570646
Item number2502430
Charge current30A
Max. PV-Voltage22V by 12VDC; 50V by 24VDC 
USB output5VDC/2.4A
System voltage12/24VDC Auto
Operating temperature-20°C bis +55°C
Dimension181 * 100,9 * 59,8mm
Weight20 kg
Dimensions146 × 67 × 3.5 cm

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12 V


150 Watt

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