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MPPT Charge controller Tracer 4210AN


Product Features

  • Advanced MPPT technology, with tracking efficiency no less than 99.5%
  • Ultra-fast-tracking speed and guaranteed tracking efficiency
  • Accurate recognition and tracking of multiple-peaks maximum power point
  • High quality components, perfecting system performance, with maximum conversion efficiency of 98%
  • Charging power and current limitation function
  • Wide MPP operating voltage range
  • Compatible with lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries
  • Battery temperature compensation function (only for Lead-acid battery)
  • Real-time energy statistics function
  • Overheating power reduction function
  • Multiple load work modes
  • International famous brands of ST and IR’scomponents of high quality and low failure rate areused, which can ensure the product’s service life
  • Full-load operation without any drop-in capacity within the range of working environment temperature
  • With RS-485 communication bus interface and Modbus communication protocol.
  • The communication port adopts professional protection chip
  • Monitor and set the parameters via mobile phone APP or PC software
  • Extensive electronic protection

Protection function

  • PV Over Current/power
  • PV Short Circuit
  • PV Reverse Polarity
  • Night Reverse Charging
  • Battery Reverse Polarity
  • Battery Over Voltage
  • Battery Over Discharge
  • Battery Overheating
  • Lithium Battery Low Temperature
  • Load Short Circuit
  • Load Overload
  • Controller Overheating
  • TVS High Voltage Transients

Technical specifications

Model of manufacturerTracer4210AN
Article number2102440
System nominal voltage12/24V DC Auto①
Related charge current40A
Related discharge current40A
Battery voltage range8~32V
Max. PV open circuit voltage100V② 92V③
MPP voltage range(Battery voltage +2)~72V
Max. PV input power520W/12V 1040W/24V
Temperature compensate coefficient-3mV/℃/2V (Default)④
RS485 interface5VDC/100mA
Working environment temperature-25°C bis +45°C
Dimension252* 180* 63mm

① When a lithium-ion battery is used, the system voltage can’t be identified automatically.
② At minimum operating environment temperature.
③ At 25°C environment temperature.
④ When a lithium-ion battery is used, the temperature compensate coefficient is 0.

Weight1.9 kg
Dimensions40 × 30 × 20 cm



12 V, 24 V


40 A

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