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Only the IP-Plus series and UPower-HI series inverter support lithium battery.

Yes. To avoid danger, the inverter must be grounded due to the high output voltage. If the inverter encounters electric leakage, it is dangerous for people to touch. By grounding, the electric leakage is directed to the earth instead of the human body.

Required information: AC Load Type; Rated Power; Power Factor; Starting Inrush Current Coefficient.


Follow the below formula to calculate the maximum load power.

Maximum load power = (Rated power / Power factor) * Starting inrush current coefficient


Follow the below formula to calculate the continuous load power

Load continuous power = Rated power / Power factor


Follow the rules to select inverter:

a) The continuous inverter power higher or equal to the continuous load power.

b) The inverter allowed overload power is higher and equal to the maximum load power.



An air conditioner with 735W and power factor of 0.9, which is an inductive load, also it’s starting inrush current coefficient is 5. So the maximum power is (735W/0.9)*5=4105VA, the continuous power is 735W/0.9=817VA. This means the inverter rated power should be higher than 817W and allowed overload power should higher than 4105W to handle this air conditioner.

No, the UPower Hybrid Inverter must not be used with lithium battery, and even though in “USER” modus, the parameter of lithium battery cannot be set. Only the UPower Hi Series Inverter support lithium battery.

Yes, the metal enclosure of the inverter must be grounded. Use a cable with a cross-section of at least 4mm2 to connect the ground terminal of the inverter to the present protective earth (PE).

If the utility is connected to the inverter (as the only input), a ground connection must be made. Nevertheless, we recommend to ground the inverter even if only the solar panels charge the battery. First of all, you must ground your off-grid system, then connect this ground to the ground terminal of the inverter. Details can be found in the manual.

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