EPEVER® UPOWER Hybrid-Inverter Serie 24VDC into 230AC - (0% Mwst), 332,73 €

EPEVER® UPOWER Hybrid-Inverter Serie 24VDC into 230AC - (0% Mwst)

  • SKU: 00-UP24V
  • New type of all-digital intelligent energy storage and management Inverter/charger
  • Advanced all-digital control technology for AC-DC charging modules
  • MPPT technology, Max. tracking efficiency 99.5 %, Max. DC-DC conversion efficiency 98.5 %
  • SPWM technology, with high efficiency up to 95 %
  • With the function of Utility & Solar charging ratio selection, and total charging current setting
  • Battery Type: AGM, GEL, FLD, USER (do not support Lithium battery)
  • Four charging mode and two output mode
  • RS485 isolated communication interface with standard Modbus protocol
Read and download online:User Manual – UPower Series hybrid inverter
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